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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions regarding the processes and materials used in seal coating, crack filling and other services offered by us. We have tried to address some of the most frequently asked questions below:
1. Is there a difference between all the sealants available in the market? Can I buy the cheapest one?
There is a huge misconception about all sealants being the same, but there is actually a lot of difference in the quality of the range of sealants available in the market today. You can find several varieties of sealants prepared in different ways. At All American Sealcoat LLC, we use the best quality raw products and combine them with the perfect combination of additives, in accurate proportions, based on the existing weather conditions. This ensures that the sealant has durability and longevity.
2. Should seal coating be done on a regular basis?
We believe it is good to undertake seal coating regularly. Sealant can build up if seal coating is done too often and for an extended period of time. You can seal coat every year but do ensure that you get it inspected by one of our professionals because each surface has unique requirements.
3. Will a cracked, bumpy and damaged surface look completely new once a sealant coating has been applied?
No. Even though the industrial grade sealant used by All American Sealcoat LLC is of very high-quality and extremely durable, it is not so thick that it will make a damaged surface appear new again. This is not possible regardless of the sealant variety used.
But the good news is that even damaged surfaces can be protected and made to look beautiful with the help of sealant. You can consult one of our professionals and get all your questions answered with regards to the amount of seal coating necessary to benefit your driveway. In case the driveway is in extremely bad shape, asphalt replacement is recommended.
4. How long will my crack repair and seal coating last??
We use the most durable and long-lasting crack fillers and sealants available in the market. The time for which the seal coating and crack repair job will last will depend on the current condition of the surface and the level of asphalt use. Factors such as a degrading surface, heavy-duty vehicles, excessive vehicle traffic, extreme winter temperatures, and so on can reduce the life of the sealant.
5. Is it cost effective to seal coat my asphalt?
Yes, it is very cost effective. Seal Coat Supply has found that by seal coating with Tuff Coat, it will limit the damaging effects to the asphalt pavement and leads to an optimum and cost-effective asphalt preservation. This is because Tuff Coat helps replace the binder that holds asphalt together. Seal coating a parking lot can help prevent the cracks from forming, consequently extending its life. On average, a parking lot that is seal coated every three years can not only double its longevity, but also save the owner about 50% compared to an unmaintained parking lot.