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Tuff Coat


All American Sealcoat LLC buys Tuff Coat sealer from Seal Coat Supply. Seal Coat Supply has been in business since 1989 and their focus is in manufacturing the highest possible quality sealcoat on the market. They are a fairly small company with only a handful of employees.

Tuff Coat

 Tuff Coat has a high volume of polymers, asphalt binders, minerals and aggregate which is more tightly bonded to the underlying asphalt pavement than any other competing product. Tuff Coat goes through a bottom-up drying process, which allows the water to escape and the other components to form a better bond. When completely dehydrated and cured, Tuff Coat leaves behind approximately 30% more material than any competitor’s sealer resulting in more wear surface and longevity for your pavement. Tuff Coat is a high density sealer, weighing in at 11.44 lbs/gal and 60% residue. Tuff coat, when fully dehydrated, will not pullout or track on sidewalks or approaches. Tuffcoat forms a tough, weather, wear and UV resistant surface and provides a new wear layer to your pavement resulting in a beautiful, deep-black, protected pavement.

Seal Coat Supply’s Formula

Seal Coat Supply (supplier of Tuff Coat) has developed and is the owner of a unique and proprietary formula. They have their own lab on site where they routinely run quality control, research, and development testing. They mill (manufacture) their own proprietary formula of emulsion at their plant. They have found this to be the only way to reproduce a consistent product batch over the entire sealcoating season. The emulsion is the backbone to the sealcoat; it acts as a binder and gives the sealcoat a waterproofing ability, among other things. The emulsion formula that is made at Seal Coat Supply is a one of a kind formula that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They spend a premium price on their base asphalt source in order to use a premium product with outstanding consistency and ability to emulsify. When developing the sealcoat formula, Seal Coat Supply wanted to produce a product that covered all the bases such as: superior dry time, good storing/shipping ability, great body/thickness, black, flexible, durable, long lasting, safe/devoid of dangerous chemicals, easy to spread and spray, ability to resist bacterial growth and swelling, and an ionic friendly formula.